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State of Ohio - Controlling Board Request
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Status:  Approved
Meeting Date:  2/26/2018


Administrative Services

Ohio Office of Information Technology

Authorization Requested Pursuant
to Revised Code Section 131.35
Increase Appropriation Authority
Create a New Fund
Establish Appropriation Authority
Fiscal Year(s)
Bill No.
H.B. 49

Line Item
Line Item Name
FYCurrent Appropriation AmountAmount of Increase or New Fund Total
Appropriation Amount
2290 100640 Consolidated IT Purchases 2018

Robert Blair 02/26/2018
Agency Director or Authorized Agent On The Date Of
02/08/2018 Christine Morrison
Date Controlling Board President/OBM Director
Name:  Zachary Prouty Title:  Legislative Director
Phone:  (614) 995 - 0936 Fax:  E-Mail:
  The Department of Administrative Services respectfully requests Controlling Board approval to increase appropriation authority in the amount of $4,410,048 for FY 18 in Fund 2290, ALI 100640, Consolidated IT Purchases.  
  This line item is used to support the Consolidated IT Purchases program. Under this program, the DAS Office of Information Technology (OIT) makes IT purchases on behalf of one or more participating agencies in order to achieve cost savings and other efficiencies. This line item generally receives a base appropriation in the operating budget, and as agencies work with DAS OIT to coordinate group purchasing opportunities, DAS - if analysis shows that the opportunity is advantageous to the state and fits the purpose of the Consolidated IT Purchases program - brings those specific opportunities before the Controlling Board for approval of the appropriation needed.

As noted in the Legislative Service Commission's Catalog of Budget Line Items (COBLI), this line item is a pass-through, and the revenue to support the requested appropriation already exists in the operating budgets of the individual agencies that are participating in the consolidated purchase.

This request will enable two consolidated IT purchases, one to migrate several agency-specific applications onto the Ohio Digital Experience platform ($3,347,000) to improve application security, privacy, and identity management, and the second to upgrade an agency's existing instance of SharePoint collaboration software ($1,063,048).   

The amount requested for the migration effort will enable eight agencies to migrate their agency-specific applications onto the state's secure, authenticated environment. Performing this work as a consolidated effort under central oversight rather than as eight unrelated initiatives will ensure that all integration and interfaces will be addressed correctly and consistently, likely avoiding costly rework and fixes. The participating agencies include the Office of Public Defender, Development Services Agency, State Employment Relations Board, and the Departments of Agriculture, Health, Developmental Disabilities, Taxation, and Natural Resources.

The amount requested for the SharePoint upgrade will enable the Ohio Department of Medicaid to upgrade an outdated instance of the SharePoint collaboration tool. Undertaking this effort as a consolidated IT purchase enables the Department of Medicaid to receive the benefit of the terms and pricing in the state's existing enterprise license agreement and also enables the agency to leverage centrally supported virtual servers.

For both efforts, DAS issued Requests for Proposals and selected providers through competitive selection. In both cases, we expect other agencies to request similar migrations or upgrades, but we have not estimated the cost of those efforts at this time and will instead return to request additional appropriation as those plans solidify.
Attachments Controlling Board Request No.: DAS0100972
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Fund/Appropriation Request 
Required Information
Controlling Board Request No.: DAS0100972
1. Identify the source of additional revenue (e.g., increase in fee, increase in state or federal grants, etc.).
  Revenue will be received through billings to agencies.
2. If applicable, explain why creating and/or increasing a new fund and/or line item is more appropriate than depositing the revenue into an existing fund and increasing the appropriation authority of an existing line item.
Time line: Has the revenue been received? No
When is the revenue expected to become available? Revenue will be received when agencies are billed.
4. For federal funds only, provide the following information:
a. Grant identification number from the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance:
b. Amount of state matching funds required: 0
c. Source (appropriation line item) of that match:
d. Statutory or executive authority for participation in the program:
  Include a brief summary of the text or a copy of the reference.  
5. How will the additional appropriation and/or cash be used?
  The additional appropriation will be used integrate agencies into the ODX and SharePoint services.
  Provide the following information below relative to this budgetary adjustment. NOTE: If a new fund and new appropriation authority are being requested, the "Current" and "Requested" columns are not required.
Account Category Account Category Description Current Appropriation Authority Requested Increase in Appropriation Total Appropriation Authority
500   Personal Services - Payroll   $0.00   $0.00   $0.00
510   Purchases Personal Services and Others   $12,504,800.00   $3,347,000.00   $15,851,800.00
520   Supplies and Maintenance   $16,031,200.00   $1,063,048.00   $17,094,248.00
530   Equipment   $1,890,000.00   $0.00   $1,890,000.00
550   Subsidies and Shared Revenue   $0.00   $0.00   $0.00
570   Capital Items   $0.00   $0.00   $0.00
590   Judgements, Settlements and Bonds   $0.00   $0.00   $0.00
Other   Other   $0.00   $0.00   $0.00
Total: $30,426,000.00 $4,410,048.00 $34,836,048.00
6. For each additional amount shown in the table, provide a short description of what the dollars will be used to accomplish. For example, if increasing a subsidy account category, provide detail on the added recipients or the allocation formula for distribution of moneys. For Account Category 500, respond to specific questions in number 9 below.
Account Category Short Description
510 Personal Service Contracts
520 Various software licenses and support
7. Will this transfer be used to maintain current service levels, expand an existing program or activity, or begin a new program? Explain.
  Expand agencies into existing services.
8. Based upon the response to number 7, explain how these services or programs would have been funded if this
additional funding were not available.
  They would not be completed.
9. Account Category 500-Personal Services:
a. Explain why changes are being requested in the personal services account category 500.
b. How many existing staff are being affected by this transfer? 0
What appropriation line item are they currently being paid? 
c. How would these existing staff have been affected if these additional funds were not available?
d. Will new staff be hired as a result of the additional funds?  No
10.  List any other transfers involving these appropriation line items and/or cash approved by the Controlling Board in the current biennium, including the date and requested amount of the adjustment(s).
ALITransfer DateTransfer AmountCBR Number