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State of Ohio - Controlling Board Request
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CAPITAL REQUEST Controlling Board No.
Status:  Approved
Meeting Date:  2/26/2018


Administrative Services

Ohio Office of Information Technology

Eligible for Local Administration?
Real Estate Acquisition
    Release of Capital Funds(R.C.Sec. 127.14G) and/or R.C.126.14
    Transfer of Capital Funds (R.C.Sec. 127.14G and/or Sec. 127.15)
    Higher Education Authorization Request (Sec. 3333.071)
    Other Statutory Authority/Bill Section:
Fiscal Year(s)
Bill No.
SB 260&310
Eligible for OBM
Director Approval?
Capital Request
    Release of Capital Funds (R.C.Sec. 127.14G)
    Transfer of Capital Funds (R.C.Sec. 127.14G and/or Sec. 127.15)
    Waiver of Competitive Selection (R.C.Sec. 127.16B)
      No Competitive Opportunity
      Agency Released Competitive Opportunity
    Agency Released Competitive Opportunity (R.C.Sec. 127.162)
    Release Percent for Arts (R.C.Sec. 3379.10)
    Other Statutory Authority/Bill Section:

For FYAmountNameAddressCounty
DAS01 2018 $351,000.00 SMITH & OBY Company 7676 Northfield Road
Walton Hills, OH 44146

FromToFYFund GroupFund CodeAppropriation Line ItemAppropriation Line Item NameTransfer AmountPrev Rel Amount

Fund GroupFund CodeAppropriation Line ItemAppropriation Line Item NameTotal Amount

Robert Blair 02/26/2018
Agency Director or Authorized Agent On The Date Of
02/08/2018 Christine Morrison
Date Controlling Board President/OBM Director
Name:  Zachary Prouty Title:  Legislative Director
Phone:  (614) 995 - 0936 Fax:  E-Mail:
  The Department of Administrative Services respectfully requests Controlling Board approval for an agency-released competitive opportunity in the amount of $351,000 in FY 2018 to contract with Smith & Oby Company, 7676 Northfield Road, Walton Hills, Ohio, Cuyahoga County, to procure and install 60 air conditioning units as well as removal and disposal of existing units from MARCS tower sites.  
  The Multi-Agency Radio Communication System (MARCS) is a complex computer and communications network designed to provide instant voice and data communication and supply a communications backbone to statewide public safety and emergency management in a single system. The system uses a secure, interference-free, IP-based P25 complaint 700/800-megahertz digital-trunked radio system that provides mobile, voice, data and vehicle location services as well as computer-aided dispatching. MARCS infrastructure consists of over 200 towers located throughout the state. At each tower location, a climate-controlled shelter houses the MARCS equipment. Due to the existing equipment reaching the end of its useful life, it is necessary to remove the old equipment and update it with new, more energy efficient models.

The capital funding for this request was previously released by the Controlling Board on 10/31/2016, DAS0100887.
  DAS0100887, approved 10/31/16  
Attachments Controlling Board Request No.: DAS0100983
Attachment TypeAttachment Description
Other Smith Oby Quote
Other OITRFQ152 Vendor Responses
Release and Permit Information
NameFYAmountR & P #R & P DateIssued ByComments
SMITH & OBY Company 2018 $351,000.00 33306

Capital Request Required Information
Purchases of Equipment - SMITH & OBY Company
Controlling Board Request No.: DAS0100983
1.  Identify the equipment and provide the amount of each item.
Supply/Equipment NamePrice per UnitNumber of UnitsAmount
Air Conditioning Units $.00 60 $351,000.00
2. Selection Process
a.  Explain how the Request for Proposal (RFP) or Request for Quote (RFQ) was publicized or advertised.
  The Request for Quote (RFQ) was posted on the state of Ohio's procurement web-site.
b. Number of proposals/quotes distributed. The RFQ was posted to a web-site for all vendors to view.
c. Number of days in which interested parties had to respond to the RFP or RFQ. 13
d. Number of proposals received. 4
e. For each proposal/quote received provide name, complete address of the principal place of business, and amount of each proposal (or attach a list).
NameProposal AmountAddressCityStateCounty
Atlas Butler $459,619.90 4849 Evanswood Drive Columbus OH Franklin
Air Force One $405,031.00 5810 Shier Rings Road Dublin OH Franklin
MEP Vet $592,000.00 572 Ternes Avenue Elyria OH Lorain
Smith & Oby $351,000.00 7676 Northfield Road Walton Hills OH Cuyahoga
f. Indicate who rated the responses and was involved in the selection of the contractor.
  The responses were reviewed by the MARCS program manager.
Identify the selected vendor.   SMITH & OBY Company
  Explain why this vendor was selected.
  This vendor was the lowest bid.
4. Provide vendor's location of their principal place of business.
7676 Northfield Road
Walton Hills, OH 44146
County: Cuyahoga