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State of Ohio - Controlling Board Request
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CAPITAL REQUEST Controlling Board No.
Status:  Approved
Meeting Date:  12/4/2017


Natural Resources


Eligible for Local Administration?
Real Estate Acquisition
    Release of Capital Funds(R.C.Sec. 127.14G) and/or R.C.126.14
    Transfer of Capital Funds (R.C.Sec. 127.14G and/or Sec. 127.15)
    Higher Education Authorization Request (Sec. 3333.071)
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Fiscal Year(s)
Bill No.
SB 310
Eligible for OBM
Director Approval?
Capital Request
    Release of Capital Funds (R.C.Sec. 127.14G)
    Transfer of Capital Funds (R.C.Sec. 127.14G and/or Sec. 127.15)
    Waiver of Competitive Selection (R.C.Sec. 127.16B)
      No Competitive Opportunity
      Agency Released Competitive Opportunity
    Agency Released Competitive Opportunity (R.C.Sec. 127.162)
    Release Percent for Arts (R.C.Sec. 3379.10)
    Other Statutory Authority/Bill Section:

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James Zehringer 12/04/2017
Agency Director or Authorized Agent On The Date Of
11/14/2017 Christine Morrison
Date Controlling Board President/OBM Director
Name:  Brad Bales Title:  Legislative Liaison
Phone:  (614) 265 - 6891 Fax:  (614) 261 - 9601 E-Mail:
  The Department of Natural Resources respectfully requests Controlling Board approval to release capital appropriation in the amount of $1,257,000 from Fund 7035, ALI C725A0 (State Parks, Campgrounds, Lodges and Cabins) and $3,838,858.00 from Fund 7031, ALI C725K0 (State Park Renovations/Upgrading) in FY18, for improvements at Hocking Hills State Park located in Logan, Ohio in Hocking County.  
  The project total is $5,645,858.00. The difference of $550,000.00 is for an allowance that is specific to the exhibit gallery and will be funded by the Division of Parks and Watercraft, Division of Forestry, Division of Geological Survey, and Division of Wildlife through operating funds. This total includes a contingency in the amount of $415,323.00 and an Ohio Facilities Construction Commission fee of $81,858.00.

The enormous popularity of Hocking Hills State Park has grown as national and international media outlets and travel publications have continually identified this location as a must-see destination for outdoor enthusiasts. In order to safely and properly accommodate this increase in visitation the addition of a visitor center capable of providing the appropriate facilities and opportunity to share vital information about the park, trails and necessary hiking precautions, has become necessary. ODNR has already undertaken additional safety precautions at Hocking Hills which include new kiosks at trailheads that provide trail overviews, confidence markers that help hikers identify their location while in the park, signage that encourages hikers to remain on hiking trails and cable fencing that helps dissuade visitors from venturing from the marked hiking paths. While these additions have proven effective, the need to provide the growing number of visitors to the park with essential on-trail safety information has also increased. Visitors at Hocking Hills routinely include first time hikers, young children and people that are unfamiliar with the challenges the terrain can pose. A new visitor center would create an opportunity for hikers to pick-up trail maps to help them identify the proper trails for their enjoyment and abilities and provide the chance to discuss the park with experienced ODNR staff. An inviting visitor center with the appropriate amenities focused on keeping visitors safe during their visit is imperative to providing Ohioans a safe and enjoyable visit to this internationally recognized state park venue.

The scope of this contract is for the construction of a new 11,431 Sq. Ft. Visitor Center at the Old Man's Cave area of Hocking Hills State Park. The new Visitor Center will provide an interactive display area with seating for presentations, a map room with self-service kiosks, a gift shop/retail store, walk-up vending spaces, and associated support spaces. In addition, the Visitor Center will address public restroom needs including ADA accessible and family style restrooms.

All work on the project is scheduled for completion by November 2018.

The legal notice for bidding this project was advertised in the Logan Daily News beginning on September 2, 2016 and posted on Bid Express. A total of six (6) bids were received on September 26, 2017. All Bids were rejected at that time due to being over the 10% awardable amount. The legal Notice for the rebidding of this project was advertised in the Logan Daily News Beginning on October 14, 2017 and posted on Bid Express. A total of seven (7) bids were received on November 1, 2017. The lowest responsive and responsible bidder for the project is Palmetto Construction of Columbus, Ohio located in Franklin County who submitted a bid in the amount of $5,148,677.00 for the project.

In addition to the accepted bid amount, a contingency in the amount of $415,323.00, and an Ohio Facilities Construction Commission fee of $81,858.00 are being included in the total amount requested.

Palmetto Construction has proposed a 27% EDGE participation through Construction Support Solutions, Mad River Construction, Russ James Contracting, Journey Steel, Inc., Ed Green Electric, Inc., and Vibo Construction Inc.
  DNR0101335, approved 5/8/2017  
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