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State of Ohio - Controlling Board Request
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Columbus, Ohio 43215-3457
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CAPITAL REQUEST Controlling Board No.
Status:  Approved
Meeting Date:  6/15/2020


Natural Resources


Eligible for Local Administration?
Real Estate Acquisition
    Release of Capital Funds(R.C.Sec. 127.14G) and/or R.C.126.14
    Transfer of Capital Funds (R.C.Sec. 127.14G and/or Sec. 127.15)
    Higher Education Authorization Request (Sec. 3333.071)
    Other Statutory Authority/Bill Section:
Fiscal Year(s)
Bill No.
HB 529
Eligible for OBM
Director Approval?
Capital Request
    Release of Capital Funds (R.C.Sec. 127.14G)
    Transfer of Capital Funds (R.C.Sec. 127.14G and/or Sec. 127.15)
    Waiver of Competitive Selection (R.C.Sec. 127.16B)
      No Competitive Opportunity
      Agency Released Competitive Opportunity
    Agency Released Competitive Opportunity (R.C.Sec. 127.162)
    Release Percent for Arts (R.C.Sec. 3379.10)
    Other Statutory Authority/Bill Section:
    Other:Change of Intent

For FYAmountNameAddressCounty
DNR01 2020 $943,500.08 R.W. Setterlin Building Company 560 Harmon Avenue
Columbus, OH 43082

FromToFYFund GroupFund CodeAppropriation Line ItemAppropriation Line Item NameTransfer AmountPrev Rel Amount

Fund GroupFund CodeAppropriation Line ItemAppropriation Line Item NameTotal Amount
CPF 7031 C72549 ODNR Facilities Development $609,177.08
DPF 7015 740401 Division of Wildlife Conservation $334,323.00

Mary Mertz 06/15/2020
Agency Director or Authorized Agent On The Date Of
03/23/2020 W. Fletch Zimpher
Date Controlling Board President/OBM Director
Name:  Danielle Vandegriff Title:  Legislative Director
Phone:  (614) 265 - 6878 Fax:  (614) 261 - 9601 E-Mail:
  The Department of Natural Resources respectfully requests Controlling Board approval for a change of intent of $609,177.08 from fund 7031, ALI C72549 (ODNR Facilities Development), as released through Controlling Board request DNR0101800 (12/16/19), for the installation of a system of baffles as part of the Spring Valley Shooting Range Improvements project at the Spring Valley Wildlife Area located in Waynesville, Ohio in Greene County. In addition, the Department of Natural Resources respectfully requests a Waiver of Competitive Selection for R.W. Setterlin Building Company, Columbus, Ohio, in the amount of $943,500.08 to install the system of baffles. This work will be covered by the $609,177.08 change of intent requested above and $334,323.00 from an operating fund, fund 7015, ALI 740401 (Wildlife Conservation Fund).  
  Spring Valley Wildlife Area consists of 842-acres situated in the gently rolling agricultural region of southwest Ohio just east of the Little Miami River. A 150-acre lake and marsh complex are located on the area's south edge. In addition to hunting and fishing, secondary uses such as gun and archery target shooting, and wildlife observation have become increasingly important. The shooting range consists of 53 acres and was constructed in 1980. The shooting range is heavily used by the public and based on its lifespan requires upgrades.

The original project includes rebuilding the shooting berms to current standards, installing covered firing lines with benches, constructing a new archery range with targets and fixtures, and a new range master building. The new range master building will provide viewing of the entire 25-yard, 50-yard and 100-yard ranges by wildlife personnel, which will improve safety at the facility. The project will also make improvements to the trap range and establish a new entrance drive from Houston Road. The new entrance will provide safer ingress and egress from the facility by providing better line of site along Houston Road. The project also includes improvements to the water treatment system in accordance with current regulations.

In the process of completing the project, the project team determined that the addition of a series of baffles was required to bring the 25-yard, 50-yard, and 100-yard ranges up to current range safety requirements. A change order to the contractor's contract will allow the contractor to complete the construction of the baffle system structures within the warranty and guarantees associated with the original project. The design of the baffles was completed by the current design professional firm as is covered by the standard of care associated with the design professional firm's current agreement.

The Indian Creek and Tranquility Shooting Range projects, listed in CB DNR0101800, will be replenished (Tranquility $575,000 and $34,177.08) through a future release of funds from Fund (7015), ALI C725K9 (Wildlife Area Bld. Dev/Renov.). The Spring Valley Outdoor Education Project funding is not changing or being adjusted.

In addition to the accepted change order amount of $894,707.95, a contingency in the amount of $48,792.13 is included in the total amount of the Waiver request.

R.W. Setterlin Building Company has 5% EDGE participation including this contract modification through LJM Enterprises, LLC., Garcia Surveyors, Inc., The Columbus Coal and Lime Company, LJM Enterprises, LLC, and EnviroControl Systems, Inc.
  DNR0101505, approved 7/9/2018
DNR0101800, approved 12/16/2019
Attachments Controlling Board Request No.: DNR0101857
Attachment TypeAttachment Description
Other Drawings
Other Cost information
Other Deferred copy of request DNR0101857
Release and Permit Information
NameFYAmountR & P #R & P DateIssued ByComments
R.W. Setterlin Building Company 2020 $943,500.08

Capital Request Required Information
Amendments to Architect, Engineering or Other Professional Service Contracts/ Construction Manager at Risk or Design-Build Contracts including Guaranteed Maximum Price Amendments - R.W. Setterlin Building Company
Controlling Board Request No.: DNR0101857
Type of service to be provided: Construction
2. Identify the supplier and location of supplier's principal place of business.
R.W. Setterlin Building Company
560 Harmon Avenue
Columbus, OH 43082
County: Franklin
3. Explain why the contract is being amended.
  Change in scope of work
4. What is the effect of the contract amendment on the project?
Allows the work to continue under warranty and guarantee of original contract.
5. Provide the dates of previous Controlling Board approvals for this contract. Indicate whether the approvals were for the initial contract or previous amendments to this contract. In addition, provide the information regarding the contract amount(s) depending upon the type of contract previously approved by the Controlling Board.
CB Approval DateType of ContractAmount per FY# of HoursRate per Hour per FY
07/09/2018 Initial $0.00 0.00 $0.00
12/16/2019 Initial $0.00 0.00 $0.00
6. In addition to the revised project budget, provide a revised fee analysis which includes the following:
Fee Analysis Previous Contract Amount Previous Percent of Total Construction Cost Revised Contract Amount Revised Percent of Total Construction Cost
Professional Design Services and/or Construction Management Services/Design-Build   $0.00   0%   $0.00   0%
Personnel Cost   $0.00   0%   $0.00   0%
Testing & Special Instructions   $0.00   0%   $0.00   0%
General Conditions   $0.00   0%   $0.00   0%
Design Services Fees(A/E of Record in Design-Build Contract only)   $0.00   0%   $0.00   0%
OtherNot applicable   $0.00   0%   $0.00   0%
Refer to the requirements of Revised Code Sections 153.65-153.70.
Provide the following employee information: Nationwide Ohio
Total Number of Employees 0    0   
Percentage of Women 0% 0%
Percentage of Minorities 0% 0%