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State of Ohio - Controlling Board Request
30 East Broad Street, 34th Floor
Columbus, Ohio 43215-3457
(614) 466-5721 FAX:(614) 466-3813
OPERATING REQUEST Controlling Board No.
Status:  Approved
Meeting Date:  6/15/2020

Job and Family Services

Contracts and Acquisitions
Waiver of Competitive Selection  (Revised Code Section 127.16B)
      No Competitive Opportunity
      Agency Released Competitive Opportunity
Agency Released Competitive Opportunity (Revised Code Section 127.162)
Other Statutory Authority/Bill Section:
Operating Transfer Request  (Revised Code Section 127.14)
      Other Statutory Authority/Bill Section:
Fiscal Year(s)
Bill No.
H.B. 166
Eligible for OBM
Director Approval?

For FYAmountNameAddressCityStateCountyZip Code
JFS01 2021 $75,552.00 International Business Machines Corporation 2 Jericho Plaza Jericho NY 11753

Fund GroupFund CodeAppropriation Line ItemAppropriation Line Item NameFYAmountFYAmount
GRF GRF 600450 PROGRAM OPERATIONS $.00 2021 $19,492.42
FED 3N00 600628 FOSTER CARE PROGRAM-FEDERAL $.00 2021 $9,821.76
FED 3970 600626 CHILD SUPPORT - FEDERAL $.00 2021 $8,159.62
FED 3V60 600689 TANF BLOCK GRANT $.00 2021 $7,706.30
GRF GRF 655425 MEDICAID PROGRAM SUPPORT $.00 2021 $5,741.95
FED 3F01 655624 MEDICAID PROGRAM SUPPORT FEDERAL $.00 2021 $5,741.95
FED 3840 600610 FOOD ASSISTANCE PROGRAMS $.00 2021 $4,835.33
FED 3V40 600678 FEDERAL UNEMPLOYMENT PROGRAMS $.00 2021 $4,684.22
FED 3960 600620 SOCIAL SERVICE BLOCK GRANT $.00 2021 $3,097.63
FED 3H70 600617 DAYCARE FEDERAL $.00 2021 $2,342.11
FED 3310 600624 EMPLOYMENT SERVICES PROGRAM $.00 2021 $1,284.38
FED 3V00 600688 WORKFORCE INNOV & OPP ACT PROGRAMS $.00 2021 $1,133.28
FED 3310 600615 VETERANS PROGRAMS $.00 2021 $528.86
FED 3V40 600632 TRADE PROGRAMS $.00 2021 $377.76
FED 3980 600627 ADOPTION PROGRAM FEDERAL $.00 2021 $226.65
FED 3V40 600678 FEDERAL UNEMPLOYMENT PROGRAMS $.00 2021 $226.65
FED 3310 600686 WORKFORCE PROGRAMS $.00 2021 $151.13

Kimberly Hall 06/15/2020
Agency Director or Authorized Agent On The Date Of
05/21/2020 W. Fletch Zimpher
Date Controlling Board President/OBM Director
Name:  Eric D Glenn, Sr. Title:  Deputy Director
Phone:  (614) 466 - 6609 Fax:  E-Mail:
  The Ohio Department of Job and Family Services (ODJFS) respectfully requests Controlling Board approval for a waiver of competitive selection in the amount of $75,552.00 from various funds and ALIs, in FY21 to continue the contract with International Business Machines (IBM) Corporation, Jericho, NY, to complete ODJFS's migration of several applications and services from Novell eDirectory to the InnovateOhio Platform.  
  This request is not an increase to Controlling Board approved request JFS0100527 for the same services from IBM approved November 4, 2019. The 'not to exceed fixed price' of $266,415.00 remains unchanged. Due to COVID-19 and additional project complexities the migration schedule slipped and some services will be performed and paid in FY21. There is no charge for the delay in services being performed. ODJFS anticipates paying $190,863.00 in FY20 with the remaining $75,552.00 being paid in FY21.

ODJFS is still leveraging Novell eDirectory for several applications identity, authentication, and authorization services. JFS has not renewed a contract with Microfocus ( the current owner of Novell eDirectory) since 2018. ODJFS has been diligently working to migrate applications and services over to the Innovate Ohio Platform, in accordance with the Governor's executive Order 2019-15D, including the ODJFS FileNET Document Imaging solution. FileNET has some very unique challenges, and the project was negatively affected by COVID-19 in that many staff working on this effort were pulled into supporting Unemployment Insurance operations. ODJFS has two options going forward: complete this work for approximately 75K with IBM or pursue a support agreement with Microfocus for Novell eDirectory (last estimate for support was around $1 Million). These authentication and authorization services and FileNET applications are mission critical to many critical applications and services including Unemployment Insurance Operations (including ERIC and OJI Applications). ODJFS has been operating at risk for awhile with an unsupported, and unpatched instance of Novell eDirectory and any outage related to running the legacy application could cost ODJFS and the State of Ohio much in terms of public relations and monetary damages and ODJFS would remain non compliant with the Executive Order.
Attachments Controlling Board Request No.: JFS0100563
Attachment TypeAttachment Description
Sole source justification letter Sole source justification letter
Contract IBM Agreement for Novell Migration Services
Contract amendment Project Change Request
Release and Permit Information
NameFYAmountR & P #R & P DateIssued ByComments
International Business Machines Corporation 2021 $75,552.00 SDC JFS01 21 05/27/2020 State Purchasing

Operating Request Required Information
New Contract - International Business Machines Corporation
Controlling Board Request No.: JFS0100563
1. Selection Process: Was this contract subject to selection by a Request for Proposal (RFP),
Request for Qualification (RFQ), Request for Information (RFI) process? No
Explain why this contract was not subject to an RFP, RFQ or RFI process
ODJFS pursued utilizing the IBM ESSO for Master License Agreement 0029 through the Department of Administrative Services (DAS). However, DAS advised that the work needed by ODJFS to complete the migration of the applications and services on Novell eDirectory to the InnovateOhio platfom is not included in the ESSO. With no other procurement mechanism available, coupled with the fact that IBM is the single provider with the tools and skill set required to complete this work, ODJFS seeks sole source approval.
2. Provide the following selected contractor information:
International Business Machines Corporation
2 Jericho Plaza
Jericho,   NY  11753
3. Contractor's location from which all or most of the contract work will be performed, if different from the
location of principal place of business. (For institutional agencies, cite the location of the institution,
including the city and county, where services are to be performed.)
4200 East 5th Avenue
Columbus,     43215
4. Institutional agencies only: Is the contractor currently performing services at the institution listed above?
5. Specify the deliverables of this contract or describe the scope of service(s) to be performed by this contractor.
The remaining services that are contemplated for FY21 are as follows: Historical data extraction, Pre-production environment migrations (1 - 3 environments), and Production environment migrations (1 - 4 environments).
6. Cite the account category of expense being used for this purchase of service(s).
Account CategorySubobjectAmountNon-Exempt Amount
510056 $75,552.00 $75,552.00

Total Amounts $75,552.00 $75,552.00
Duration of this contract (beginning and ending dates) within the fiscal biennium.
Beginning Date Ending Date
07/01/2020 12/31/2020
8. Is the contractor already performing work under this contract? Yes
a. On what date did the contractor begin work? 11/05/2019
b. Are you requesting retroactive approval of the contract? No
9. Identify all state contracts which the selected contractor has had approved by the Controlling Board
since the beginning of the last fiscal year through this fiscal year to date. Also include contracts approved
for this agency or institutions of higher education.
a. Total number of contracts. 6
b. For each contract list the state agency and the contract amount.
AgencyContract/Agreement AmountFY
Public Safety $126,886.81 19
Attorney General's Office $71,274.83 19
Workers Compensation $83,383.96 19
Public Safety $4,618.67 19
Industrial Commission $60,984.00 19
Job and Family Services $266,415.00 20
10. Contractor Procurement Compliance:
a. Is this contractor in compliance with Buy America? N/A
b. Is this contractor in compliance with Buy Ohio? N/A
Provide the following employee information: Nationwide Ohio
Total Number of Employees 65994    1361   
Percentage of Women 32% 30%
Percentage of Minorities 32% 19%
12. What percent of the work will be done by subcontractors?  0
  If more than 50%, provide the same information for each subcontractor as requested in number 11 above for the contractor.
# of Employees
% of Women
% of Minorities
# of Employees
% of Women
% of Minorities
13.  Provide all subsequent renewal schedules (beginning and ending dates) and amounts associated with this contract.

A contract renewal is the exercise of an option to enter into a subsequent contract with a vendor in accordance with renewal provisions specified in a preceding contract.
Beginning DateEnding DateTotal Lease Amount
Explain contract provisions.  No additional renewals are anticipated.