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State of Ohio - Controlling Board Request
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Columbus, Ohio 43215-3457
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CAPITAL REQUEST Controlling Board No.
Status:  Approved
Meeting Date:  12/4/2017


North Central Technical College

North Central Technical College

Eligible for Local Administration?
Real Estate Acquisition
    Release of Capital Funds(R.C.Sec. 127.14G) and/or R.C.126.14
    Transfer of Capital Funds (R.C.Sec. 127.14G and/or Sec. 127.15)
    Higher Education Authorization Request (Sec. 3333.071)
    Other Statutory Authority/Bill Section:
Fiscal Year(s)
Bill No.
SB 310
Eligible for OBM
Director Approval?
Capital Request
    Release of Capital Funds (R.C.Sec. 127.14G)
    Transfer of Capital Funds (R.C.Sec. 127.14G and/or Sec. 127.15)
    Waiver of Competitive Selection (R.C.Sec. 127.16B)
      No Competitive Opportunity
      Agency Released Competitive Opportunity
    Agency Released Competitive Opportunity (R.C.Sec. 127.162)
    Release Percent for Arts (R.C.Sec. 3379.10)
    Other Statutory Authority/Bill Section:

For FYAmountNameAddressCounty
NCC01 2018 $57,500.00 Airgas Inc 6055 Rockside Wood Blvd
Independence, OH 44131

FromToFYFund GroupFund CodeAppropriation Line ItemAppropriation Line Item NameTransfer AmountPrev Rel Amount

Fund GroupFund CodeAppropriation Line ItemAppropriation Line Item NameTotal Amount
7034 C38018 Workforce Based Training & Equipment $57,500.00

Koffi C. Akakpo 12/04/2017
Agency Director or Authorized Agent On The Date Of
11/02/2017 Christine Morrison
Date Controlling Board President/OBM Director
Name:  Dean Schaad Title:  Facilities Manager
Phone:  (419) 755 - 4855 Fax:  (419) 526 - 5068 E-Mail:
  North Central State College respectfully requests Controlling Board approval to release capital appropriation in the amount of $57,500.00 from Fund 7034, ALI C38018 (Workforce Based Training & Equipment), in FY18, and an agency released competitive opportunity per R.C. 127.162 to purchase equipment in the amount of $57,500.00 from Airgas, Mansfield, Ohio, for the Regionally Aligned Priorities In Delivering Skills (RAPIDS) grant in Richland County.  
  North Central State College has a long history of providing technical skills that are relevant to industry demand. This advanced equipment and infrastructure will provide the state-of-the-art lab for students to gain hands-on experience in the welding program.

PURCHASING AUTHORITY: As required in ORC 127.162, a RFP was advertised in compliance with ORC 125.071 for the purchase of this equipment. Four Request for Proposal were distributed and only one bid was submitted.

The sole bid was selected.

AIRGAS GREAT LAKES N400 is the only authorized channel available for the purchase of VRTEX, Real Weld, and the Robotic Education Cell.
Attachments Controlling Board Request No.: NCC0100037
Attachment TypeAttachment Description
Other Request for Proposal
Other Request for Proposal - Additional
Other Acceptance Letter
Private Business Use Report Private Business Use Report
Other EDGE Participation Summary
Other Publication Notice
Other Request for Proposal Log
Release and Permit Information
NameFYAmountR & P #R & P DateIssued ByComments
Airgas Inc 2018 $57,500.00

Capital Request Required Information
Purchases of Equipment - Airgas Inc
Controlling Board Request No.: NCC0100037
1.  Identify the equipment and provide the amount of each item.
Supply/Equipment NamePrice per UnitNumber of UnitsAmount
VRTEX 360 $57,500.00 1 $57,500.00
2. Selection Process
a.  Explain how the Request for Proposal (RFP) or Request for Quote (RFQ) was publicized or advertised.
  The request for proposal was advertised on August 24, 2017 and September 7, 2017 in the Mansfield News Journal print edition and on-line for the above referenced project.
b. Number of proposals/quotes distributed. 4
c. Number of days in which interested parties had to respond to the RFP or RFQ. 30
d. Number of proposals received. 1
e. For each proposal/quote received provide name, complete address of the principal place of business, and amount of each proposal (or attach a list).
NameProposal AmountAddressCityStateCounty
f. Indicate who rated the responses and was involved in the selection of the contractor.
  The vendor was selected by Dean Schaad (Director of Capital Planning & Facilities Management), Renee Nussbaum (Purchasing Specialist), and Dan Wagner (Assistant Dean).
Identify the selected vendor.   Airgas Inc
  Explain why this vendor was selected.
  Airgas Great Lakes N400 is the only authorized channel available for the purchase of VRTEX, RealWeld, and the Robotic Education Cell.
4. Provide vendor's location of their principal place of business.
6055 Rockside Wood Blvd
Independence, OH 44131
County: Cuyahoga