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State of Ohio - Controlling Board Request
30 East Broad Street, 34th Floor
Columbus, Ohio 43215-3457
(614) 466-5721 FAX:(614) 466-3813
CAPITAL REQUEST Controlling Board No.
Status:  Approved
Meeting Date:  6/15/2020


School Facilities Commission

Ohio Facilities Construction Commission

Eligible for Local Administration?
Real Estate Acquisition
    Release of Capital Funds(R.C.Sec. 127.14G) and/or R.C.126.14
    Transfer of Capital Funds (R.C.Sec. 127.14G and/or Sec. 127.15)
    Higher Education Authorization Request (Sec. 3333.071)
    Other Statutory Authority/Bill Section:
Fiscal Year(s)
Bill No.
HB 529
Eligible for OBM
Director Approval?
Capital Request
    Release of Capital Funds (R.C.Sec. 127.14G)
    Transfer of Capital Funds (R.C.Sec. 127.14G and/or Sec. 127.15)
    Waiver of Competitive Selection (R.C.Sec. 127.16B)
      No Competitive Opportunity
      Agency Released Competitive Opportunity
    Agency Released Competitive Opportunity (R.C.Sec. 127.162)
    Release Percent for Arts (R.C.Sec. 3379.10)
    Other Statutory Authority/Bill Section:

For FYAmountNameAddressCounty
SFC01 2020 $71,715.00 B&J Electric of Poland 10950 Woodsworth Rd, POB 215
North Lima, OH 44452

FromToFYFund GroupFund CodeAppropriation Line ItemAppropriation Line Item NameTransfer AmountPrev Rel Amount

Fund GroupFund CodeAppropriation Line ItemAppropriation Line Item NameTotal Amount
7026 C23016 Energy Conservation Project $87,564.02

Cheryl J. Lyman 06/15/2020
Agency Director or Authorized Agent On The Date Of
05/18/2020 W. Fletch Zimpher
Date Controlling Board President/OBM Director
Name:  Barbara Mattei-Smith Title: 
Phone:  (614) 466 - 7746 Fax:  () - E-Mail:
  The Ohio Facilities Construction Commission respectfully requests Controlling Board approval to release capital appropriation in the amount of $87,564.02 from Fund 7026, ALI C23016 (Energy Conservation Projects), in FY 20, and an agency released competitive opportunity in the amount of $71,715.00 to contract with B&J Electric of Poland, Inc., North Lima, OH, to install new LED lamps and fixtures for safety, security, and energy savings at three armories in Coshocton, Wayne, and Tuscarawas Counties. OFCC project number: SFC-20N005.  
  The scope of this project is to install new LED lamps and fixtures. The current lighting is at the end of its useful life and is costly to maintain. It is estimated that this equipment will save $13,000.00 annually in utility costs. The project pays for itself out of energy savings in 5.5 years, while the equipment will continue to generate savings over the remainder of its estimated 10- to 15-year life.

This project is necessary to complete at this time to provide for the safety and security for this military agency and to maintain operational readiness for responding to local, state, and national emergencies such as the COVID-19 pandemic. Ongoing maintenance has been delayed in anticipation of this project's commencement resulting in a situation where much of the existing lighting is failing. Failure to begin this project will cause the ONG to incur additional expenses to replace existing lighting.The State will incur additional costs due to re-bidding of the project at a future date and will lose the opportunity to participate in a utility rebate program expected to expire in 2020.

OFCC conducted a letterhead bidding process in accordance with the process described on page 112 of the Ohio Facilities Construction Manual and awarded to the lowest price responsive and responsible vendor. The request is for B&J Electric of Poland, Inc. in the amount of $71,715.00 for interior and exterior lighting at Coshocton Armory, 24680 Airport Rd, Coshocton, OH 43812, Coshocton County, Wooster Armory, 1400 Old Lincoln Way W, Wooster, OH 44691, Wayne County, and Dover Armory, 2800 N Wooster Ave, Dover, OH 44622, Tuscarawas County. We are also requesting release of 10 percent of the contract amount for a contingency fund in the amount of $7,171.50. The OFCC Energy Services design and administration fee is $8,677.52 for a total of $87,564.02.
Attachments Controlling Board Request No.: SFC0101172
Attachment TypeAttachment Description
Pre-approval letter authorizing agency administration Pre-Approval Letter
Bid tabulations/price quotations Bid Tab
SFC0101172-06182020083159.PDF Non Substantive Change Request for request SFC0101172
Release and Permit Information
NameFYAmountR & P #R & P DateIssued ByComments
B&J Electric of Poland 2020 $71,715.00

Capital Request Required Information
Architect, Engineering, or Other Professional Service Contracts/Construction Manager at Risk or Design Build Contracts - B&J Electric of Poland
Controlling Board Request No.: SFC0101172
Type of Service to be provided: Construction Services for ADJ OHARNG - Phase 3 - Lighting Upgrade
2. Selection Process:
a. Explain how the Request for Proposal (RFP)/Request for Qualifications (RFQ) was publicized or advertised.
An Invitation to Bid was distributed by email to qualified electrical contractors in accordance with the letterhead bidding process described on page 112 of the Ohio Facilities Construction Manual.
Number of proposals distributed. 6
Number of days in which interested parties had to respond to the RFP/RFQ. 36
Number of proposals received. 5
e. For each proposal or statement of qualifications received, provide name, complete address of the principal place of business, and amount of each proposal (or attached as a list)..
Name Proposal AmountAddressCityStateCounty
Abbott Electric $73,180.00 1935 Allen Ave SE Canton OH Stark
B&J Electric of Poland $71,715.00 PO Box 215 North Lima OH Mahoning
Eco Engineering $91,312.00 11815 Highway Dr, Ste 600 Cincinnati OH Hamilton
Evolved Lighting Solutions $79,312.00 1850 Dividend Dr Columbus OH Franklin
Shiffler Equipment Sales $79,999.00 745 South Street Chardon OH Geauga
f. Indicate who rated the responses and was involved in the selection of the contractor.
The OFCC project manager reviewed the letterhead bids and verified the selected bidder had included the entire scope in its bid.
Identify the selected contractor. B&J Electric of Poland
  Explain why this contractor was selected.
  The firm was selected based on its submission of the lowest price, the responsiveness of its bid, and the responsibility of the bidder in accordance with Section 9.312 of the Revised Code.
4. Provide contractor's location of their principal place of business. 
10950 Woodsworth Rd, POB 215
North Lima, OH 44452
County: Mahoning
5. Provide contractor's location from which all or most or contract work will be performed, if different from the location of principal place of business.
24680 Airport Rd
Coshocton, OH 43812
County: Coshocton
6. Identify all state contracts which the selected contractor has had approved by the Controlling Board since the beginning of the last fiscal year through this fiscal year to date. Also include contracts approved for this agency or institution of higher education.
a. Total number of contracts: 0
b. For each contract, list the state agency and the contract amount.
AgencyContract/Agreement AmountFY
Provide the following employee information: Nationwide Ohio
Total Number of Employees 20    20   
Percentage of Women 15% 15%
Percentage of Minorities 0% 0%
What percent of the work will be done by subcontractors? 0%
If more than 50%, provide the following employee information.
# of Employees
% of Women
% of Minorities
# of Employees
% of Women
% of Minorities
9. Fee Analysis: For design-build and construction management at risk services, also provide a fee analysis that includes the following:
a. Total estimated construction cost:   $0.00
b. Provide the following information regarding the contractor's fees for the services to be performed. 
Fee Analysis Contract Amount Percent of Total Construction Cost
Professional Design Services and/or Construction Management Services/Design-Build   $0.00   0%
Personnel Cost   $0.00   0%
Testing & Special Inspections   $0.00   0%
General Conditions   $0.00   0%
Design Services Fees(A/E of Record in Design-Build Contract only)   $0.00   0%
  $0.00   0%
  Refer to the requirements of Revised Code Sections 153.65-153.70.